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In brief
A group of major vendors has put forward an open source TCP/IP stack they say is designed to reinvigorate the ancient protocol.
The Register
Computer World
Allows you to control the mapping of EC2 instances to underlying physical servers.
Ted Benson
A look at the thought process behind picking EC2 instance types based on network constraints.
Patrick Cullen
Robin Ricard
Tomer Levy
The author’s conclusion: “Do not use Amazon Glacier with files smaller than 200KB.”
Dan Rue
A fully open source Web-based UI for Postgres.
Jim Mlodgenski
A command line tool for managing security groups across multiple AWS environments.
John Graham-Cumming
John Beynon
Use the Let’s Encrypt client to generate and install a certificate to be used with an AWS CloudFront distribution of an S3 bucket.
Diego Lapiduz
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