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In brief
Microsoft Azure Blog
A new file storage service for EC2 based around NFS. A key difference to EBS is that multiple EC2 instances can access a EFS file system at the same time.
Electric Cloud is bringing CD to mobile app development with the general availability of, a cloud-based CD platform.
SD Times
Rey Bango shows how to use RemoteIE to test sites in IE across multiple platforms.
Dr.​ Axel Rauschmayer
Simon Bambey
A scalable database with auto-sharding, replication, and real time MapReduce.
CRATE Technology
A bridge enabling tools to debug IE11 with Chrome’s remote debugging protocol.
Lee Yen-Chin
Uses a Go-powered backend, with JavaScript for the frontend. Use their backend server or run up your own. All open source.
Peter Bengtsson
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