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The CIO Report
It is now possible to install a multi-node Codenvy On-Prem and Eclipse Che using Docker.
Jesse Williams
1.5 makes some key steps forward with the compiler tool chain now entirely written in Go (no C remains), a completely redesigned GC, and more.
Lightning struck a local utility grid near one of Google’s data centers (that powers the Google Compute Engine) last week, causing a tiny but permanent loss of data in affected systems.
Microsoft has made available VMs running their Edge browser so you can test from wherever you are.
If you're working on things that require HTTPS, how can you do this in your local development environment? Andrea shows us the way.
Andrea Giammarchi
Kir Shatrov
Too many organizations log all cloud activities because they can. Here’s what you should do instead.
Google Play
Principally JavaScript/HTML/CSS code sandboxes rather than full IDEs.
Web Resources Depot
Iwasaki Yudai
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