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Welcome to the re-birth of Cloud Development Weekly - a newsletter covering cloud-based tools, platforms, and APIs, all of interest to cloud-using developers (which, to be fair, is most of us now!)

A previous Cloud Development Weekly was published by Codenvy in 2013 but this new, relaunched version is published by Cooper Press and exclusively supported by Codenvy. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and find it useful.

- Peter Cooper, your editor.

In brief
AWS Official Blog
The JavaScript-based full-stack framework.
The Verge
Jeroen van Baarsen
Riding Rails
Rebecca Murphey
TJ VanToll on why TypeScript may finally break through to the mainstream as a compile to JavaScript solution.
Telerik Developer Network
A new framework for building data-driven apps with React.
Joseph Savona
Mahmud Ridwan
Quick Left
Channel 9
Cachet HQ
It’s used in several of Bloomberg’s news sites.
Reid Carlberg
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